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What's the problem with your Galaxy S6 ?

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is faulty ? Have it repaired now

You can diagnose yourself the problem !

Broken screen and broken glass

The screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 is broken or has got some display problems. You have concerns with the functionality of the touchscreen. Good news : It can be easily replaced !

Worn battery

The battery of your Galaxy S6 is worn. It doesn't hold the charge and has to be recharged only after few hours ! You can have it replaced.

Back APN protection glass

The glass protecting the rear camera of your Galaxy S6 is cracked. It hinders the autofocus and subjects the lens to dust and filth. You must replace the protection glass.

Damaged On/Off button

You can't switch on your Galaxy S6 even when the battery is full or when you press for a long time on the Power button ? It might be broken.

Deoxidation, Fall into water

A fall into water damages a phone components and makes it useless. Luckily, with a deoxidation, your Galaxy S6 will switch on without problem.

Broken speakers

You can't hear the ring, the alarm nor the music when you plug your headset into your phone. The speaker of your Galaxy S6 is probably damaged. It has to be replaced.

Non-functional internal speaker

You can't hear your interlocutors anymore when you call them. Conversations are intermittently interrupted even if the connection is perfect. The internal speaker doesn't work properly anymore.

Worn charge connector

You can't plug your Samsung Galaxy S6 anymore to charge it or to connect it to your computer. The charge connector is maybe damaged.

Damaged front camera

Your interlocutors on Skype or Hangout can't see you anymore. You can't send a selfie with Snapchat. Your front camera doesn't work anymore.

Defective buzzer

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't vibrate in the same way when you receive a call or a text. Or, it doesn't vibrate at all. The buzzer must be worn.

Volume button

You can't adjust the volume of your music or the ringtone of your phone. The adjustment buttons don't respond or are broken. You can have them replaced.

Broken camera

Recently, the pictures that are taken with your Galaxy S6 have becomed blurry. You can't do the autofocus or they are no images appearing in the camera app.

Defective network antenna

You can't receive correctly the 3G or 4G signal with your Samsung Galaxy S6. Your antenna might be defective. You can have it changed.

Defective microphone

When you are recording a video with your Galaxy S6, you get a good image quality but no sound is recorded. Your microphone is maybe obstructed or faulty.

Damaged Jack plug

You can't listen to music with your headset because no sound is coming out of it. You have tried other headsets but nothing happens. You Jack plug is probably faulty.

Software intervention

You have a navigation problem on your Galaxy S6. Your phone is slow or you have many technical bugs. We can intervene on Android and solve software problems.

Damaged back cover

The rear glass of your Galaxy S6 broke when your phone felt. You can have it replaced to regain a perfect aestheticism !


Your phone can't go to landscape mode when you put it horizontally. The pictures are systematically in portrait mode ? The gyroscope has a malfunction.

Defective WiFi

You don't get the WiFi signal anymore at home. It always shuts down when you connect your Galaxy S6, however, with other devices you don't have any problem. The WiFi antenna of your phone is faulty.

Blocked or broken SIM holder

You would like to change the SIM card of your Galaxy S6. Unfortunately, you have lost the little piece that holds the card. Or this one has been broken when it was changed. We will give you a new one.

Problem with SIM card reader

You have changed your operator and your SIM card too. The new SIM card isn't recognized even if your Galaxy S6 has been unblocked. The SIM card reader isn't working anymore.

Inoperative Flash

You can't take pictures by night or in a dark room because the flash of your Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't work anymore. You have to replace the piece.


You hear an abnormal noise when you shake even slightly, your Samsung Galaxy S6. It's like a piece was detached. We can open your phone to weld it.

Ambiance microphone

When you make a call with your Samsung Galaxy S6, your interlocutors can't hear you. However, the audio or video recording are working. The ambiance microphone is the problem.

Unblocking operator

You have bought your Galaxy S6 with a subscription and it has been blocked by the original operator. You want to change your subscription and your operator. We have to unblock your phone.

Don't hesitate ! Send your Galaxy S6 to repair.

With or without

Repair your Galaxy S6, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your Galaxy S6, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your Galaxy S6 rather than buying another one, it’s eco-friendly ! By repairing or calling a repairer, you will thus give a second life to your device which is likely still almost fully functional. Indeed, the manufacturing of devices comes with production waste and other processes that are very damaging to the environment; so why buy another one when you can get it repaired ?

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