Galaxy S4 Repair

What's the problem with your Galaxy S4 ?

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 has a few issues ? You can have it fixed !

First, you need to identify the malfunction.

Broken screen and glass

The screen of your Samsung Galaxy S4 is broken ? The screen stays black, even when your smartphone is on ? You can have the screen block of your smartphone replaced.

Worn battery

The battery of your Galaxy S4 is defective. It's swollen and you can't put back the back cover of your smartphone ? Your battery doesn't even last a full day ? Have it replaced.

Deoxidation, fall into water

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 fell in water and it won't start. Its components are oxidised. Have your phone deoxidised to retrieve all of its functions.

Damaged front camera

You can't take any selfies with your Samsung Galaxy S4 because the front camera is malfunctioning ? Have the front camera of your smartphone replaced.


The pictures taken with your Samsung Galaxy S4 are blurry because the autofocus doesn't work. Your rear camera doesn't work at all ? You just need to have it replaced.

Charge connector

Your phone doesn't charge even when it's plugged in ? You can't plug your charger cable to the MicroUSB port of your Samsung Galaxy S4 ? Replacing the charge connector will fix your problem.

Software update

You are having difficulties to browse with your Galaxy S4. Your phone is very slow and has a lot of bugs. An update of its internal software is required.

WiFi Problems

You can't receive the WiFi signal when you are at home. Or the connection is interrupted all the time. Have the WiFi antenna of your Samsung Galaxy S4 replaced.

Operator unblocking

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn't work with a SIM card from another operator ? If you want to change of operator, you'll need to unblock your smartphone.

Defective Home button

The Home button of your Galaxy S4 is defective and doesn't work well. To retrieve the full spectrum of functions of your smartphone, have it repaired.

Give a second life to your Samsung Galaxy S4 !

With or without

Repair your Galaxy S4, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your Galaxy S4, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your Galaxy S4 rather than buying another one, it’s eco-friendly ! By repairing or calling a repairer, you will thus give a second life to your device which is likely still almost fully functional. Indeed, the manufacturing of devices comes with production waste and other processes that are very damaging to the environment; so why buy another one when you can get it repaired ?

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