Deoxidation of iPod Touch 3G following a fall into water

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Your iPod Touch 3G fell into water ? Send it to be repaired !

Your problem

Unluckily, your iPod Touch 3G slipped from your hands and fell into water ? Or you left it in your pocket before starting your washing machine ? Don't try to switch it on, the integrated circuits might be oxidised and it would damage your iPod Touch 3G. This must be remedied !

Our solution

Water is not responsible for the oxydation of your iPod Touch 3G. The culprits are the minerals found in water. Simply drying it is not enough. To clean the components of your phone, our technicians will use an isopropanol solution. They will entirely disassemble your iPod Touch 3G to deoxidise every single part, before reassembling it.

The result

You will be able to switch your phone on without any damage. You can now request a free quote for the deoxidation of your iPod Touch 3G. It's a non-binding quote and it will offer you affordable rates.

Why choose for the repair of your iPod Touch 3G ?

Free and immediate quote

We provide an immediate solution to resolve the urgent matter caused by a malfunction or damage of your iPod Touch 3G. Without delay, you will receive a quote from a professional with a rate for your repair. It's 100% free and non-binding.

The world's largest repair network

Yes. Really. The PhoneHubs network brings together thousands of repairers in the world. These repairers are rated by their clients so that we can provide the best possible service for the repair of your iPod Touch 3G (Deoxidation).

Hundreds of satisfied clients

Hundreds of satisfied clients have already turned to PhoneHubs for the repair of their device. We receive daily messages of appreciation from clients that can once again use their device after a successful repair.

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