Deoxidation of iPhone 6s following a fall into water

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Your iPhone 6S fell into water and now, it's unresponsive. Deoxidise its components.

Your problem

After that little swim, the internal components of your iPhone 6S have been damaged. Thus, you can't switch your device on anymore, or it's functioning very randomly at best. To avoid further damages, you'll need to have your iPhone 6S deoxidised.

Our solution

Firstly, our technicians will disassemble your device to have access to every single component. Then, to avoid further damages of its components, they will soak each one of them in an isopropanol solution, that was specially conceived to deoxidised phone elements. Finally, they will simply reassemble the device !

The result

Thanks to the intervention of our repairers, your phone will be like-new ! It will work without a single problem and it will fully recover its functions. Would you like that for your device ? Then, don't wait any longer to request a free and non-binding quote on our website !

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We provide an immediate solution to resolve the urgent matter caused by a malfunction or damage of your iPhone 6s. Without delay, you will receive a quote from a professional with a rate for your repair. It's 100% free and non-binding.

The world's largest repair network

Yes. Really. The PhoneHubs network brings together thousands of repairers in the world. These repairers are rated by their clients so that we can provide the best possible service for the repair of your iPhone 6s (Deoxidation).

Hundreds of satisfied clients

Hundreds of satisfied clients have already turned to PhoneHubs for the repair of their device. We receive daily messages of appreciation from clients that can once again use their device after a successful repair.

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Deoxidation of Apple following a fall into water

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