iPhone 6s Repair

What's the problem with your iPhone 6s ?

Your iPhone 6S has a malfunction ? Have it fixed in no time !

Firstly, you'll have to identify what's wrong.

Broken screen and broken glass

When you got on the bus, your iPhone 6S fell from your pocket and landed on the ground ? Cracks appeared and they are now impeding your visibility. You are left with no other choice, you've got to replace the screen.

Worn Battery

Your iPhone 6S is getting older and you've noticed that its discharging faster than usual ? With time, your battery wears out : you've got to replace it !

Damaged Home button

You are struggling to access the Home page of your iPhone 6S ? The Home button stays stuck or its simply unresponsive ? It's about time to change it.

Damaged Power Control

Recently, you are having difficulties to switch your iPhone 6S on or off. Therefore, the Power button is probably the culprit ! For a great user experience, replace it.

Deoxidation, Fall into water

If there's something that iPhones 6S hate, it's water ! Unfortunately, yours has been in direct contact with this element. Ever since, you are struggling to switch it on or you can't even do it anymore.

Broken speakers

You are chatting with a friend and you want to activate the speaker of your iPhone 6S but there's no sound, whatsoever ? That's annoying. Fortunately, you can easily replace your speaker.

Non-functional Internal speaker

For some time now, you've been unable to hear your interlocutors and that's hindering your user experience. Don't wait any longer : your internal speaker must be repaired.

Worn charge connector

Your iPhone 6S isn't charging, however, it's connected to your charger ? Then, your charge connector must be damaged

Damaged FaceTime camera

When you were doing a selfie, you've noticed that the quality of the pictures of your iPhone 6S has deteriorated ? For greater comfort, you can change the front camera of your device.

Broken proximity sensor

When you are holding your iPhone 6S near your ear, the screen won't turn off ? Your proximity sensor must be faulty. Don't wait any longer to replace it !

Broken buzzer

The buzzer of your iPhone 6S or the buzzer button isn't functioning and that's annoying you ? You would like to be able to fully enjoy your phone functions ? In order to do so, you'll need to get your buzzer fixed.

Broken Camera

You would like to take a picture with your iPhone 6S but the quality is terrible and you are surprised ? Following a shock, your camera might have been damaged. You'll need to have it replaced.

Malfunctioning network antenna

While browsing on Internet, you've noticed that you aren't receiving a strong signal from the 3G or 4G ? You can't even call your friends ? Surely, you will have to replace the antenna of your device.

Defective Microphone

You've been told multiple times by your interlocutors that they can't hear you properly when you call them ? The microphone of your iPhone 6S is probably malfunctioning. Our repairers can replace it.

Damaged Jack plug

For greater convenience, you would like to plug your earphones. Unfortunately, the Jack plug of your iPhone 6S doesn't work anymore ? You will then need to replace it.

Operator unblocking

You've bought your iPhone 6S in an operator shop. But when you wanted to change of operator, you've noticed that the SIM card of your smartphone is blocked. You'll need to unlock it !

Broken volume control

It's impossible to adjust the volume of your iPhone 6S... You've tried it multiple times, without success ! If your volume button is faulty, you'll need to have it replaced.

Leave your iPhone 6S in the expert hands of our technicians !

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Repair your iPhone 6s, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 6s, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 6s rather than buying another one, it’s eco-friendly ! By repairing or calling a repairer, you will thus give a second life to your device which is likely still almost fully functional. Indeed, the manufacturing of devices comes with production waste and other processes that are very damaging to the environment; so why buy another one when you can get it repaired ?

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