Repair broken screen and broken glass for iPhone 6

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Broken screen ? Repair in 30 minutes before your eyes at one of our repairers.

Your problem

Your smartphone has slipped off your pocket ? Or it has fallen to the ground ? To put it simply, it was subjected to a shock and your display is cracked throughout. Sometimes, it still works but you can’t see through and it’s not pleasant. Rest assured, all of this will be shortly only a bad memory.

Our solution

First, our technicians are going to detach the LCD panel and the touchscreen of your iPhone 6. Then, they will remove carefully the screws which hold the components attached to the front camera and speakerphone. After that, they will change the screen before reassembling your iPhone 6.

The result

Your smartphone will recover its long lost youth ! It will be as new. Request a quote for the replacement of the screen of your iPhone 6. It’s completely free and non-binding, don't wait any further !

Why choose for the repair of your iPhone 6 ?

Free and immediate quote

We provide an immediate solution to resolve the urgent matter caused by a malfunction or damage of your iPhone 6. Without delay, you will receive a quote from a professional with a rate for your repair. It's 100% free and non-binding.

The world's largest repair network

Yes. Really. The PhoneHubs network brings together thousands of repairers in the world. These repairers are rated by their clients so that we can provide the best possible service for the repair of your iPhone 6 (Broken Screen).

Hundreds of satisfied clients

Hundreds of satisfied clients have already turned to PhoneHubs for the repair of their device. We receive daily messages of appreciation from clients that can once again use their device after a successful repair.

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Repair broken screen and broken glass for Apple

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