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Broken screen and broken glass

The screen of your iPhone 6 is cracked and it’s preventing you from seeing the display. When an iPhone falls to the ground or its subjected to a shock, generally the screen is the first component that breaks.

Worn battery

Your iPhone 6 has a small battery life ? The problem comes from the battery which is not holding the charge anymore. The battery might be getting too hot or just, be old. So, it must be changed.

Home button damaged

Your Home button may have subjected to premature deterioration. It stays down or nothing happens when pressed. Then it breaks and you can’t use it anymore.

On/Off Button damaged

Over time, the On/Off button of your iPhone is becoming capricious. You have to press on it longer or stronger as it doesn't respond immediately. Therefore, it has to be changed.

Deoxidation, Fall into water

Your iPhone 6 has fallen into water. It may have slipped off your pocket at the wrong time ? Anyway, you can’t start it anymore.

Broken Speakers

The speakers of the iPhone 6 are fragile. They may happen to crackle or they don't emit any sound. It's often the case when your phone has been subjected to a bad shock.

Out of order internal earphone

You don’t hear anymore your interlocutor when you’re making a phone call ? You have tried to restart it and sync it but it doesn’t change anything. The sound is unfortunately only available with your external earphones.

Worn connectors of charge

It's impossible to charge your iPhone 6. You have tried several chargers but nothing works: it’s your charge connector that is failing.

FaceTime Camera damaged

The front camera of your iPhone 6 doesn’t work as well as it used to. You notice that the pictures are blurred. It generally indicates a failure on your FaceTime camera.

Broken proximity sensor

When you make a call, your iPhone 6 screen remains lit. Thus, it may occur that you press some keys by accident. It’s because your proximity sensor is broken.

Volume button and buzzer blocked

Intensive use of the volume button may induce dysfunctions. You can’t switch to buzzer mode on your iPhone 6 or you can’t adjust the volume of your phone.

Broken Camera

When the adjustment doesn’t work anymore and the pictures made by your iPhone 6 are of poor quality, it’s time to change the rear camera.

Defective network antenna

No matter where you are, you don’t pick up a network. it’s the GSM antenna of your iPhone 6 that is not working anymore. The only option, it’s to change it.

Defective microphone

The microphone of your iPhone 6 may be obstructed or damaged. It’s probably the case if your voice is inaudible during your conversations or Siri doesn’t answer anymore.

Damaged jack plug

The jack plug of your iPhone 6 can be worn in your pocket or your bag. In such case, the sound won’t work when you’ll connect your headphone or your earphones.

Software update

Over time, the iPhone 6 doesn’t answer as fast as it used to. When you encounter bugs in the daily navigation, it shows that your iPhone 6 needs an internal software update.

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Repair your iPhone 6, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 6, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 6 rather than buying another one, it’s eco-friendly ! By repairing or calling a repairer, you will thus give a second life to your device which is likely still almost fully functional. Indeed, the manufacturing of devices comes with production waste and other processes that are very damaging to the environment; so why buy another one when you can get it repaired ?

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