iPhone 5S Repair

What's the problem with your iPhone 5S ?

Your iPhone 5S doesn't work anymore ? Think about getting it repaired.

First, you must know what is wrong with it.

Broken screen and broken glass

Your screen is broken and you can't see a thing. Maybe, your iPhone 5S has been subject to a shock by falling off of your pocket.

Worn battery

Your iPhone 5S discharges very quickly and it even has to stay plugged ? The battery is getting old or it's heated. It must be changed.

Damaged Home button

You want to go back to the Home page and your Home button stays down or doesn't answer anymore. The button of your iPhone 5S might be worn by its intensive use.

Damaged On/Off button

Over time, the On/Off button is worn off. You have to press it hard in order to switch on or off your iPhone 5S. You should consider to change it.

Deoxidation, Fall into water

Your iPhone 5S has fallen into the toilet ? It doesn't boot even after you've dried it? Have it deoxidised to renew it.

Broken Speakers

The videos that you're watching on your iPhone 5S, don't have any sound. There's no more sound for the ringtone when you receive a call. The speaker, weakened, has been subject to a shock.

Non-functional Internal speaker

Yon don't hear the interlocutor speaking on the other end of the phone ? Restarting and syncing it were done in vain? Only a headphone or external earphones can allow you to hear something.

Worn charge connector

Your iPhone 5S doesn't charge anymore ? Even after changing the battery and the charger ? The charge connector is malfunctioning or damaged.

Damaged FaceTime camera

Your interlocutors can't see you when you use FaceTime. The front camera of your iPhone 5S might be malfunctioning.

Malfunctioning Buzzer

The buzzer doesn't vibrate anymore or only with low intensity and you are missing calls. That one is maybe too old and must be changed.

Blocked sound and buzzer button

You can't adjust the volume of your music or your calls. The buzzer mode doesn't answer anymore. An intensive use of this button damages it quickly.

Broken camera

The rear camera of your iPhone 5S doesn't focus anymore? The pictures are of poor quality. It's time to change the camera.

Faulty Network antenna

You don't have a network connection with your WiFi or it's very unstable. Your WiFi antenna has got a malfunction and doesn't detect a signal.

Defective Microphone

You can hear your interlocutors but they can't hear you. Siri doesn't answer either. The likely cause is your microphone, he's probably obstructed or damaged.

Damaged Jack plug

You don't hear any sound when you connect your headphone to your iPhone 5S ? The jack plug might be damaged after a shock.

Software update

Your iPhone 5S slows down and it's subjected to several bugs during its use. A software update is in order.

Damaged Back cover

The back cover has been bent or scratched in your pocket? It can be changed for aesthetic or practical reasons.

Top side of the Back Cover Damaged

The top side of the back cover of your iPhone 5S is broken and shows the insides. This fragile element must be repaired.

Bottom side of the Back Cover Damaged

You have dropped your iPhone 5S and it's broken in the bottom side of the back cover ? It's time to repair this part of the phone.

Lost or broken SIM holder

Your SIM card is blocked in your iPhone 5S ? You've lost it? The SIM holder is damaged and must be changed.

Problem with SIM card reader

The SIM card is no longer recognised or only temporarily. The card reader that makes the link between your SIM card and your motherboard might be faulty.

In short, you have to get your iPhone 5S repaired.

With or without PhoneHubs.com

Repair your iPhone 5S, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 5S, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 5S rather than buying another one, it’s eco-friendly ! By repairing or calling a repairer, you will thus give a second life to your device which is likely still almost fully functional. Indeed, the manufacturing of devices comes with production waste and other processes that are very damaging to the environment; so why buy another one when you can get it repaired ?

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