iPhone 5 Repair

What's the problem with your iPhone 5 ?

Are you experiencing problems with your iPhone 5?

Choose from this list of malfunctions the one that most applies to your issue.

Broken screen and broken glass

A moment of inattention and bam, your iPhone 5 is projected on the ground ? Now, it's probably cracked and that's hindering your browsing. The screen has to be repaired.

Worn Battery

Your iPhone 5 doesn't hold a charge and shuts down quickly ? The problem must be coming from the battery, its getting older and weaker. To optimize your mobile experience, you'll need to get it replaced.

Damaged Home button

You are pressing the Home button but it isn't responding ? Or it stays stuck when you're not even touching it ? You might be dealing with premature wear and it needs to be replaced.

Damaged On/Off button

Recently, your iPhone 5 is having trouble to switch On and you have to press very hard on the On button ? It's probably damaged. You'll need to get it replaced !

Deoxidation, Fall into water

After it fell into water, your iPhone 5 doesn't boot ? The components must be oxisidised. In order to get it to function again, you'll need to have them deoxidised.

Broken speakers

If your iPhone 5 received a blow, your speakers may be damaged. You're probably hearing annoying crackling or you can't hear a thing. You'll need to get your speakers fixed.

Non-functional Internal speaker

During an incoming call, you're struggling to hear your interlocutor ? Well, that's quite annoying ! Your internal speaker needs to be repaired.

Worn charge connector

You've tried to charge your iPhone 5 to no avail ? Your charge connector must be damaged. It now needs to be replaced !

Damaged FaceTime Camera

When you are trying to take a selfie, you realize that your pictures are blurry or of bad quality? There's a high probability that you'll need to change the front camera of your iPhone 5.

Malfunctioning Buzzer

You would like to put the vibrating mode but it doesn't seem to work anymore and you can't enable it. You'll need to have your buzzer repaired !

Blocked sound and buzzer button

The vibrating mode of your iPhone 5 doesn't work anymore or you can't adjust the volume of your phone ? You'll need to change your sound and buzzer buttons.

Broken Camera

For some time now, the quality of the pictures of your iPhone 5 has been worse, the zoom doesn't work ? The problem comes from the camera, that needs to be replaced.

Malfunctioning Network Antenna

You are at home but you can't understand why you're not receiving a WiFi signal ? The problem might be caused by your WiFi antenna, you need to have it repaired.

Defective Microphone

You can hear your interlocutors but they can't hear you. Also, Siri doesn't answer back. The likely cause is your microphone, he's probably obstructed or damaged.

Damaged Jack plug

When you are plugging your earphones, there's literally no sound coming out ? Or the sound stops intermittently or it's very low ? Your jack plug is probably damaged and it now needs to be repaired.

Software Update

Your iPhone 5 is slow or it experiences frequent bugs hindering your browsing ? It's probably because of your internal software. It needs to be updated regularly.

Damaged Back Cover

Your iPhone 5 is getting old and its back cover is quite damaged ? You would like to have it in the perfect shape it used to be ? Replace your cover !

Top side of the Back Cover Damaged

Looking at your iPhone 5, you've noticed that the top side of the back cover is cracked ? For greater comfort, you can have it replaced.

Bottom side of the Back Cover Damaged

From all the use, the bottom side of your back cover is damaged or scratched ? It may be time to replace this component.

Blocked or broken SIM holder

You've noticed that your SIM card doesn't easily fit or it can't fit at all ? The SIM holder of your iPhone 5 might have been overly used. It needs to be replaced !

Problem with SIM card reader

When you're switching your iPhone 5 on, your phone doesn't recognise your SIM card ? It's basically useless. To remedy this, you'll need to repair your SIM reader.

Malfunctioning Bluetooth

You want to share some files with your Bluetooth but nothing is happening ? The system doesn't start or the downloading stops ? It's time to get your Bluetooth fixed.

Don't wait any longer to fix your iPhone 5 !

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Repair your iPhone 5, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 5, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 5 rather than buying another one, it’s eco-friendly ! By repairing or calling a repairer, you will thus give a second life to your device which is likely still almost fully functional. Indeed, the manufacturing of devices comes with production waste and other processes that are very damaging to the environment; so why buy another one when you can get it repaired ?

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