Deoxidation of iPhone 4 following a fall into water

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Your iPhone 4 has fallen into water and since then, it doesn't switch on anymore. Have it deoxidized !

Your problem

The classic scenario : your iPhone 4 is in your rear pocket. You are going to the toilet and then, a disaster strikes. At the wrong moment, at the wrong place, your smartphone fell into water. You succeeded to take it out but it doesn't start again...A deoxidation can fix the problem.

Our solution

The problem comes from the oxidation of the components due to minerals found in water. To remove this oxidation, our technicians will open your iPhone 4. Then, they will apply an isopropanol solution on each component. Once the deoxidation done, they will take care to reassemble your smartphone in its original condition.

The result

Once deoxidised, you will be able to switch on your iPhone 4 again. Its fall into water will be only a bad memory. Request now a quote to get more information. It's free and non-biding so, don't hesitate !

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Deoxidation of Apple following a fall into water

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