iPhone 4 Repair

What's the problem with your iPhone 4 ?

Your iPhone 4 shows signs of weakness ? Help it to get it back in shape !

First, do a complete review.

Broken screen and broken glass

Your iPhone 4 has fallen on the worse side, the front screen and now it's broken. However, you can fix this by replacing the screen.

Worn battery

Your iPhone 4 doesn't hold a daily charge. Your phone doesn't charge at 100% or switches off at 30%. The battery must be worn and has to be replaced.

Damaged Home button

The Home button of your iPhone 4 is the most used button. Overtime, it can show signs of weakness, or even stop working altogether.

Damaged On/Off button

You can't switch on your iPhone 4. You have to press harder and longer on it before seeing the menu. The On/Off button must be changed.

Deoxidation, fall into water

A fall into water can be fatal for a smartphone. If it's the case for your iPhone 4, maybe it doesn't switch on anymore. It has to be deoxidised.

Broken speakers

You are missing your incoming calls because you can't hear the ringtone. The speakers of your iPhone 4 aren't working anymore.

Non-functional internal speaker

You can't hear anymore your interlocutors during calls, when you have the phone next to your ear. The internal speaker is probably faulty. It needs to be replaced.

Worn charge connector

You can't synchronise anymore your iPhone 4 to iTunes because your computer doesn't recognize it. The charging of your phone isn't working properly. The charge connector is damaged.

Damaged FaceTime camera

You can't take selfies anymore to send them to your friends because the front camera of your iPhone 4 doesn't work. You can replace it.

Damaged buzzer

Your iPhone 4 doesn't vibrate as strong as usual or, not all. The buzzer is worn and needs to be changed.

Blocked buzzer button

You can't switch on vibrate mode directly with the dedicated button. The switch of your iPhone 4 is broken or doesn't answer anymore. You can have it replaced.

Broken camera

You can't take pictures anymore with your iPhone 4 or they are becoming blurry because the autofocus doesn't work anymore. It's time to change the rear camera of your smartphone.

Defective network antenna

Your iPhone 4 doesn't get the 3G signal or the 2G signal anymore. Your calls are interrupted even when you are not under a tunnel. Maybe, the antenna has got a problem.

Defective microphone

Your interlocutors don't hear you during calls. You don't have sound when you are recording a video. Maybe, the microphone of your iPhone 4 is faulty.

Faulty Jack plug

It's impossible to hear music with your headset on your iPhone 4 ! Even when you change the headset, there's no sound coming out. The Jack plug is faulty.

WiFi problem

You can't get the WiFi signal at home or it stops intermittently on your iPhone 4. Maybe, your WiFi antenna is damaged. You have to change it.

Proximity sensor

Your cheek presses on the buttons of your iPhone 4 and hangs up when you make a call. It's not really convenient ! Your proximity sensor is unresponsive and doesn't switch off your screen when you get your phone near your face.

Damaged back cover

Your iPhone4 has fallen on the ground. Luckily, the front side didn't get a scratch. However, the back cover is cracked. Nothing serious but it's not very aesthetic. You can have it changed.

Ambiance microphone

During your calls, your interlocutors can't hear you but you have sound when you are recording a video with your iPhone 4. The ambiance microphone is faulty.

Lost or broken SIM holder

When you wanted to replace the SIM card, you have lost or broken the holder in which you put the card. It's impossible to insert the new SIM card. We can provide you a new holder.

Problem with SIM card reader

You have changed your operator and your SIM card. However, although your iPhone has been unblocked, it doesn't recognise your SIM card. The SIM reader is probably faulty.

Volume control

You are listening to music and you are passing through a noisy environment. You want to raise the volume but nothing works. The control buttons aren't answering anymore.

Unblocking operator

Your iPhone 4 is locked with the original operator. You can't change the operator before unblocking it. Once this is done, you could use any operator !

Your iPhone 4 needs a bit of tender loving care !

With or without PhoneHubs.com

Repair your iPhone 4, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 4, it’s good for the planet !

Repair your iPhone 4 rather than buying another one, it’s eco-friendly ! By repairing or calling a repairer, you will thus give a second life to your device which is likely still almost fully functional. Indeed, the manufacturing of devices comes with production waste and other processes that are very damaging to the environment; so why buy another one when you can get it repaired ?

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